Meet the Board

Jordan Modell Chairman and Co-President

Jordan Modell

Chairman and Co-President


Jordan is founder of Porchfest Asbury Park – our annual local music fest which attracted over 2,000 people this year. He is the lead on and a member of the AP Parking Committee (please do not hold that against him ;). Jordan has an MBA from NYU where he taught for 4 years. He founded New Jersey’s first, new, full-service Credit Union in 50 years - serving New Brunswick’s under-served community. And he’s enjoyed a five-year stint running analytics for ad agencies, and has owned SIM Consulting for the last 13 years.

Pat Fasano Co-President

Pat Fasano



Pat is a major real estate developer in Asbury Park, New Brunswick, and now Atlantic City. Since moving to Asbury Park in the early 1990’s, Pat has been one of the leading forces in the development of Asbury Park. From opening the Bond Street Complex, to at one time being co-owner of both the Wonderbar and Asbury Lanes, Pat has been there since the beginning of our renaissance. In addition to converting run-down buildings like the Miramar and the Mercury, Pat has developed numerous buildings across the city. In fact, Pat has provided more housing units to Asbury Park than anyone else in the last 25 years.

Christina Smith Vice President

Christina Smith

Vice President


Christina is a small business co-owner, property owner, and a force of nature. She is the driving force behind all that the homeowners’ association does and the most organized person in Asbury. She and her husband chose Asbury Park for its art, music, and restaurant scene. She has fallen for all that Asbury Park has to offer and wants to help to see that it is cared for by all the residents and the visitors that frequent all year long.

Bill Rothert Secretary

Bill Rothert



Bill is a longtime resident of Asbury Park and a 10-year board member of the Asbury Park Homeowners Association.